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November Birthdays and Anniversaries

Have a blessed time on your special day! Birthdays 11/03 Cletus Groves 11/03 Adalynn Zaretzke 11/06 Larry Greer 11/07 Travis Vincent 11/09 Carrie Willoughby 11/09 Cory Vanlue 11/14 Luke Vogt 11/14 Melody Thomas 11/14 Chance Bentley 11/16 Savannah Snodgrass 11/17 Pastor Tim Rigdon 11/19 Hannah Willoughby 11/23 Lisa Floyd 11/23 Lesley Alexander 11/26 Tona Patry 11/27 Karen Wilson 11/28 Steve Brennan 11/29 Mirenda Urley Anniversaries 11/07 Billy & Sharon Winters 11/11 David & Chasidy Laffoon 11/16 Shawn & Elaine Vanlue 11/19 Mike & Kelly Cotton 11/30 Johnny & Ann May *If we do not have your birthday or anniversary listed above for this month, please

Nearby Church Touching Lives

God is touching lives and bringing people in from every direction to the small town of Providence, KY to The Well at New Covenant. A church that is ALIVE, is worth the drive! Each Sunday the majority of our church attendance is made up of families... (Location and Distance to Providence) From Dixon, KY: 10.7 miles From Madisonville, KY: 16.9 miles From Owensboro, KY: 53.9 miles From Princeton, KY: 29 miles From Henderson, KY: 36 miles From Morganfield, KY: 31.7 miles From Dawson Springs, KY: 18.6 miles From Sturgis, KY: 19.2 miles From Marion, KY: 21.4 miles The work of the Lord has no “city limits” for the power of God! He has impacted lives beyond neighboring cities and counties. The media

'Harvest Celebration' Photos

The "Harvest Celebration" took place Saturday, October 13, 2018 at Camp Clark. We celebrated Christ through worship & fellowship.

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Mailing Address:

The Well  |  P.O. Box 186  |  Providence, KY 42450  |  U.S.A.


The Well of Providence

123 N. Broadway Street  |  Providence, KY 42450  |  U.S.A.


The Well of Sturgis

9271 US Highway 60  |  Sturgis, KY 42459  |  U.S.A.


(270) 635-0614