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April Birthdays and Anniversaries

Have a blessed time on your special day! Birthdays 4/01 Kierstin Bandy 4/01 Miriam Pasetti 4/02 Deborah Branson 4/03 Dustin Ashley 4/04 Claud Alsbrook 4/04 Brittany Buckman 4/06 Jem Ashley 4/06 Aaron Blaine 4/07 Jay Crowley 4/11 Laura Russelburg 4/12 Hannah Horn 4/12 Malachi Gates 4/13 Susan Marks 4/13 Gary Gates 4/13 Christy Miller 4/13 Jodi Mitchell 4/14 Mike Cotton 4/14 Shirley Griffin 4/19 Gabryelle Rigdon 4/19 Sherry Buckman 4/19 Randy Patry 4/20 Nate Pruitt 4/22 Anissa Asher 4/22 Reegan Yates 4/25 Sandy Barnes 4/26 Zachary Stewart 4/27 Pamela Greer 4/29 Kimberly Gates 4/29 Christy Whitsell 4/30 Angela Nikolic Anniversaries 4/01 Matthew & Christy Boyd 4/03 M

Cyber Saints' Speak - Episode 002

Here are a few highlights from the correspondence received from our online viewers in the past two weeks. We share this so that our church family and friends can lift up our cyber community and their requests in prayer. Have a prayer need?

God Wants to mend your broken heart

Do you need prayer or have a praise report to share? Comment below, message us, email us (, or use our email form: - we want to see you encounter Jesus!

Cyber Prayer Revival Now Posted from March 3rd

CPR (Cyber Prayer Revival) took place on Sunday, March 3, 2019 at The Well at New Covenant in Providence, Kentucky. Watch it now, in case you missed it... We will still pray for you! Send your prayer requests to: We plan on hosting a CPR event every first Sunday of each month at 4:00 p.m.

March Birthdays and Anniversaries

Have a blessed time on your special day! Birthdays 3/2 Don Tribble 3/4 Tara Howell 3/6 Tammy Stone 3/7 Christian Willoughby 3/8 Annjeana Gates 3/10 Jeanie Trowbridge 3/10 Steve Schiffel 3/13 Lesley Vogt 3/13 Wendi Darmody 3/14 Barbara Rigdon 3/17 Tim Smith 3/18 Philip Beecham 3/23 Chase Townsend 3/24 Lesley Ronemous Anniversaries 3/31 Jeanie Trowbridge *If we do not have your birthday or anniversary listed above for this month, please complete a Connect Card (click here).

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