Western Kentucky Church Celebrates One Year Streaming

Who knew that a small church in the western Kentucky city of Providence would be reaching people around the globe through its media ministry?

The answer is easy, God knew.

The ministry of New Covenant Christian Center with Pastors Tim and Barbara Rigdon unveiled the Live stream of their services in January 2016 with the Roku TV channel, Mobile App, and webpage. Great success has been found with this new technology. It has opened the world up to what is going on at the Providence church. They have found repeated viewership from far off places like the UK, Iraq, Asia... pretty much everywhere in the U.S. and abroad.

God is outpouring His love and grace to this world. The alarm of His return is being sounded from the center of a small Kentucky town and it is being echoed across the planet.

Ways to watch...

  • Watch us on your TV through a Roku device (or Roku enabled smart TV). Click here to learn more.

  • Watch online via our website at: http://www.thewell.live/live

  • Facebook LIVE

  • Phone/Tablet New Covenant church app: Apple Device | Android Device

  • Watch us on your TV through an AppleTV device. Download the "Sunday Streams Channel" and use the keyword: "New Covenant" to watch us.

  • Viewers can easily cast the live broadcasts and on-demand videos directly to your Chromecast-connected TV from their Chrome browser.

  • Audio Podcasts are available through the iTunes Store (Not LIVE). Click here to learn more.

  • Watch us on your TV through a YouTube app device (or smart TV | Mobile Phone or Tablet App) *Not LIVE. Subscribe by clicking here.

We are reaching neighbors and the world online with a simple message: Come [watch] as you are, you will never leave the same!