Nearby Church Touching Lives

God is touching lives and bringing people in from every direction to the small town of Providence, KY to The Well at New Covenant.

A church that is ALIVE, is worth the drive! Each Sunday the majority of our church attendance is made up of families...

(Location and Distance to Providence)

From Dixon, KY: 10.7 miles

From Madisonville, KY: 16.9 miles

From Owensboro, KY: 53.9 miles

From Princeton, KY: 29 miles

From Henderson, KY: 36 miles

From Morganfield, KY: 31.7 miles

From Dawson Springs, KY: 18.6 miles

From Sturgis, KY: 19.2 miles

From Marion, KY: 21.4 miles

The work of the Lord has no “city limits” for the power of God! He has impacted lives beyond neighboring cities and counties.

The media ministry has seen various viewers watching our services from across the globe! Praise God for “Cyber-Saints”!

Come as you are, you won't leave the same!

-Pastors' Tim & Barbara Rigdon