Come as you are, you won't leave the same!

New promotional video posted promoting the ministry of The Well at New Covenant.

I know what you might be thinking…

Church is full of hypocrites and a bunch of socialites trying to look good.

Church is not a place for a misfit like me.

I need to clean up my act before I darken the door of any church.

You see: I felt that way…

I was brought up on the wrong side of the tracks, and never thought that I would make it to the other side.

Good fortune from this ole world never came my way for many long years.

I am from the school of hard knocks.

With time and God showing His real self to me, time and time again, I finally learned some things.

Yes, I might be far from perfect, but not too far from grace.

Shame might have tormented me, most of my life, but God….yes but God rescued me.

I found a church that truly practices what they preach:

“Come as you are, you won’t leave the same.”

The Well at New Covenant holds it’s services in an imperfect building made up of imperfect people just like me, sitting inside.

I will be saving you a seat. I have been praying over this chair next to me and for you.

There is room for another misfit, that’s God’s honest truth.

Yes, we the people of The Well at New Covenant are living proof that what I say is true.

Hope to see you sooner than later, time is not on our side.

God and I are waiting on you.