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Barbara Rigdon grew up in Leitchfield, Kentucky, where she was saved at the young age of 12 at a  revival a relative invited her to. This divine appointment resulted in a household salvation of her mother, younger sisters, and others at this same revival. This was the moment in time when she started her work in ministry (even at a young age).


She grew up out of poverty and dysfunctional home in her early years. Barbara has such a heart of compassion because she has been in the other person’s shoes. She has felt what it’s like to be homeless, hungry, and hurting. Her earthly father’s abuse and torment only made the love and joy received from her Heavenly Father all the more special and sacred. 


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Years later (through God’s mercy), Barbara became power of attorney over her father and served as caregiver during his last days on this earth. She recalls the time she led her father to Jesus, and he asked her to pray for him. He said that he remembered her praying for him when she was a child. After everything that she went through with her father in the past she honestly did not want to pray for him, but prayed anyway. During that time He called on the Lord himself and asked for mercy on his soul. That was the only good memory she carries about her earthly father.


She encompasses a very caring and encouraging nature when she prays for you (you know that the prayer is genuine).


She was prophesied to years ago that she will marry a preacher one day. Regardless of what life she was born into, Barbara kept close to Christ and pursued a better life for herself. She is a graduate of University of Kentucky, and went on to her career of over 20 years in dentistry.

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